What is Instagram

You haven’t signed up for Instagram yet and are not sure if you want to do it? Then today’s article is for you, we will talk about what Instagram is and why you need it. After reading, you might want to create an account, or maybe you make sure you don’t need it. We are all different and move through life in accordance with our goals, objectives and ideas about the world, more on insta auto liker.

But even if you do not want to create an account now and start filling your profile with photos and videos, do not rush to draw conclusions for the long term. Maybe not now, but in a year or two you will change your mind.

What is Instagram

Instagram appeared in 2010. It was invented by two young men from San Francisco — Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Then it was a simple program for Apple devices. With her help, progressive youth shared small photographs on their personal page.

Then an editor was added for processing images, new versions were released for gadgets on iOS and Android. The functionality has increased and continues to expand every year.

Instagram today is a full-fledged social network where you can share a variety of materials, communicate with friends, and run a business page. It is also often referred to as a photo network because the main content here is photographs.

Features and Features

All social networks differ in design, functions and rules. Each of them is designed for a specific target audience. Instagram was initially interested only in young people with an iPhone in their hands. They regularly took photos and posted them online. Among older people, there was an opinion that this is a very limited program for those who cannot write more than 2 lines, but can only click on the camera button.

Gradually, everything changed, and now many people have appreciated the capabilities of Instagram:

share photos and videos, quickly uploading them from your phone to your personal page;
make descriptions of images, share thoughts and emotions;
shoot short videos of 15 seconds and photos in real time, post them to Stories;
process images, add stickers, emoticons, graphic effects, geolocation, hashtags;
conduct live broadcasts for everyone;
subscribe and follow the news of interesting people;
communicate via comments and private messages in Yandex.Direct;
conduct surveys;
promote your business, sell products and services.

The exchange of information on Instagram is more and more close to live communication. You can shoot short videos and take pictures every day so that friends and acquaintances know how you live, what you think about, where you are.

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